Nice to meet you, I’m Dana

I love helping humans be humans. Whether that means exploring laughter, sadness, anger, or confusion, I am here for it. We all have amazing strengths as well as parts of ourselves that sometimes get in the way. The therapeutic process in my office includes increasing your understanding of what those strengths are, what is getting in the way, and how to achieve your goals with that knowledge. I see therapy as a collaborative process with you and have found a balance between a nurturing and firm approach.

Approaches I use:
• Accelerated Resolution Therapy
• Behavioral Activation
• Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
• Exposure Ritual Prevention

I received my Master’s Degree in Social Work from St. Catherine University/University of St. Thomas in 2011. I have been working in the mental health field in various settings since 2006 and have worked in outpatient since 2015.

Being a human means being imperfect. I am ready if you are ready to begin the process of exploration and the journey toward healing.