We Hear You. We See You.
You Belong.

What we are about—Awareness. Differences. Non-judgement.

What we believe – Nurturance. Science. Safety.

Who we are to you – Connection. Support. Guidance.

How we got here – Bravery. Passion. Authenticity. Commitment.

The Story of How We Got Here

Are you weird? We are. We own our weirdness at MGTW. If only everyone who is reading this understood how painstakingly long but a good time we had writing this as Neurodivergent Women.

We all came from different backgrounds and met working in residential treatment. As we grew in self awareness and shared experiences, we realized we were all different but similar. We found a sense of belonging and safety within our relationships with each other, challenging each other to grow and do better for self, others, and the community.

It became clear to us that you cannot learn or thrive in survival mode, leading us to create MGTW, a safe space from the moment you walk in to when you leave, even when the work gets hard. Won’t you come and join our weird?

“We all have different gifts, so we all have different ways of saying to the world who we are.” - Mr. Rogers

We are actively searching for medication providers and child therapists.

Left Quote Mark

I’ve been at Maple Grove Therapy and Wellness for almost two years now and it’s been wonderful. Their office feels comfortable and tranquil and my therapist is excellent.


“This is the first therapy office that I have instantly felt comfortable walking into.”


Right Quote Mark



Every individual deserves the ability to grow and change at their own pace in a safe space.


We believe that every individual deserves to have their uniqueness valued in a non-judgmental way.


We pride ourselves in our ability to collaborate with those we serve, families, and other professionals to provide the best care we can.


Nurturance because we care and encourage the development of every individual’s strengths and understand that everyone needs to feel hope and that someone believes in them.

Our Office

Through compassionate guidance and expert knowledge, the team at Maple Grove Therapy and Wellness empower their clients to navigate the complexities of life, uncover their inner strengths, and develop coping strategies to face adversities with resilience.

With their unwavering commitment, they help individuals cultivate self-awareness, foster meaningful connections, and embrace positive change, fostering a path towards personal evolution and holistic well-being.