Chemical Health assessments can be the first step on your journey for wellness. Chemical health assessments will serve to develop an understanding of what the presenting problems may be and to develop specific change goals for therapy.

Comprehensive assessments are the first step in the treatment process. Comprehensive assessments help identify clients’ needs, determine the right treatment approach, and identify which providers can best treat those needs. Assessments also help determine the setting in which to provide treatment (i.e. mental health therapy, substance abuse treatment center, co-occurring treatment center, etc.). Chemical Health comprehensive assessments include an assessment and a consultation thereafter to review the results.

Previously (prior to June 2022), a County Rule 25 assessment was needed to determine level of care and/or whether or not public resources may be able to help pay for the cost of treatment. This statute was replaced with Direct Access. Direct access is a way for clients to connect with treatment services without having to go through a third party. For additional information on financial eligibility and access, please visit the MN DHS Direct Access FAQs Page: (

Please note: that many insurance companies/payors will not cover the cost of a chemical health assessment should a diagnosis not be assigned based on the information given in which case you would be responsible for the cost of the assessment. Chemical Health Assessments are considered valid for a period of time if you are utilizing state funding resources. Further questions can be addressed by individual practitioners when scheduling an assessment.