Nice to meet you, I’m Stacy

I have the honor of supporting this team each and every day. In addition, to managing the office, I work to maintain a positive and informational social media environment via Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

In addition to those tasks, I work daily with the intention to make sure that the visual and visceral feeling each client and team member experiences, provides a place where everyone knows that: You are Seen, You are Heard and most of all You Matter!

Maple Grove Therapy and Wellness is a Diamond in the Rough. With the plethora of Therapy offices in and around the Twin Cities, it is hard to pick just one to entrust your mental health to. But this place is different. You feel a sense of calm walking through the doors, each therapist is a real person with their own personal style, shown in each individual office. There are no uptight interactions of “I’m the professional and this is my way to treat you.” With the number of staff on-site, if you don’t connect with one therapist, there is likely another therapist on the team that you will connect with.

There has never been a sense of a revolving door of clients, time is taken, protocols are followed and calm is palpable. This team has experience in so many specialties and therapies, just one quick visit to our website and the Meet the team and Services page will show all of the options available.

This is the team I refer my friends, family, and community to.

Thank you for visiting Maple Grove Therapy and Wellness!

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