Maple Grove Therapy and Wellness – Individual Mental Health Therapy

Individual therapy is between you and your therapist. This is a place for you to talk with another person about your strengths and struggles; develop your individualized path to wellness and have someone to walk with you throughout that journey. At Maple Grove Therapy and Wellness, we work with ages 10 to aging to your route to recovery and wellness, develop your wellness path through individual therapy. So often, individuals are struggling with past issues, trauma, anxiety, and depression that have led to the loss of enjoyment in life and have gotten in the way of personal growth. Individual Therapy can be helpful in dealing with many life problems, helping to cope with stress and transitions in life, and identifying and stopping unhelpful thoughts and behavior patterns. Our therapists’ specialties are wide-ranging; including serving adolescents and families with substance use and trauma and behavioral issues.

At Maple Grove Therapy and Wellness, our therapists are trained in specialized treatments proven successful in treating PTSD and symptoms associated with traumatic events in children, adolescents, and adults. Additionally, the therapists use evidence-based treatment approaches in traditional talk therapy including solution-focused therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy.


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