Individual Mental Health Therapy

Maple Grove Individual Mental Health Therapy Individual therapy is between you and your therapist. This is a place for you to talk with another person about your strengths and struggles; to develop your individualized path to wellness and have someone to walk with you throughout that journey. At Maple Grove Therapy and Wellness, we work […]

Individual Chemical Health Counseling

Free Information On Maple Grove Chemical Health Counseling Maple Grove Individual Chemical Health Counseling The goal of chemical health counseling is to assist individuals in developing a realistic understanding of the current and potential consequences and risks of their chemical use as well as work with them to create self-identified recovery goals. By creating chemical […]

Chemical Health Assessments

Maple Grove Chemical Health Assessments Chemical Health assessments can be a first step on your journey for wellness. Chemical health assessments will serve to develop an understanding of what the presenting problems may be and to develop specific change goals for therapy. In addition chemical health assessments can help to identify what the best course […]

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